BITCOIN Information: What is the Bitcoin LIGHTNING NETWORK? ⚡

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Of course, many of you have heard of the so-called "Lightning Network", but some can not really begin with the term ...

What is the Lightning network exactly and what should it bring?

On this subject, I'd like to share a very informative article with you today, which also includes some related links to videos about the Lightning Network, good articles, and the Lightning Network white paper.

The complete article in German with the links can be found here:

Here you can also watch a presentation about scaling Bitcoin with the lightning network in English:

Here is an excerpt of the German article, translated to English:

What is the Lightning network?

The Lightning network is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Bitcoin and the blockchain. Its purpose is to enable fast, cost-effective off-chain bitcoin transactions while scaling very well, unlike the blockchain. The Lightning network is not a separate and stand-alone project, but builds as an extension directly on the Bitcoin / Blockchain infrastructure. The Lightning network is thus part of Bitcoin.

The Lightning network is still an experiment, but many Bitcoin experts are counting on the potential. The following links should help to better understand Lightning and to estimate the potential of the concept itself.

Further information and further links can be found here at the original article in German:

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