Malta launches Blockchain certificates for all academic institutions!

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the island state of Malta is developing more and more to the so-called "Blockchain Island", where more and more blockchain companies settle. In the field of education, Malta is making fast progress too and I would like to share this topic with you today.

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Malta is pushing its way to the top in the blockchain sector. Now the island will be the first country to save the academic certificates of all Maltese students and graduates on a blockchain. Other areas will also benefit from the use of blockchain technology.

As early as October 2017, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced that he wanted to make academic certificates unfeasible by using blockchain technology. In this context, the open-source standard Blockcerts has already been mentioned. Now the Maltese Ministry of Education and Employment (MEDE) has entered into a two-year contract with the blockchain company Learning Machine. This cooperation has made it possible to use the same Blockcerts nationwide.

Pilot project: successful

On February 21, Muscat announced in a press release that Malta is now the first country to standardize the use of block certs across all academic institutions. Thus, certificates are provided in a digital and portable format. As a result, Maltese graduates can not only be sure that their data is safe from tampering. You can also show them at any time, which also means a great advantage for the employer. The fact that Blockcerts can now be used nationwide is thanks to the 2017 pilot project. Two years ago, graduates of the Malta College of Arts (MCAST) and the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) had received their blockade-based academic credentials at the graduation ceremonies. This success is euphoric for Prime Minister Muscat:

"In 2017 it was said that Malta should become" Blockchain Island "and now that is, Malta is at the forefront of emerging technologies and digital innovation."

"Blockchain makes life easier"

In addition, Muscat emphasized that Malta wanted to use blockchain technology to "use it to improve all and improve the quality of life". By working with Learning Machine, people now have the opportunity to immediately feel the impact of technology and recognize "how Blockchain makes life easier."

Other sectors, such as the healthcare sector, could benefit from the technology, according to Muscat. Blockcerts should already play a special role in the application process. Malta is now the first country in the world to allow employers to digitally review a worker's skills and credentials. The Prime Minister also hopes that this will quickly identify and close skill gaps. He also wanted to prevent the emigration of highly qualified specialists.

The Minister of Education and Employment, Evarist Bartolo, also stated that the introduction of Blockcerts is especially important for young people. They should develop an understanding of how blockchain technologies work as early as possible. The increasing use of these technologies was only possible because of strong economic growth. As BTC-ECHO has already reported, Malta's economy is currently picking up a pace at which big economies can not compete. It is not unrealistic that this rapid development is related to the progress of the Maltese government, which resonates in Bartolo's words:

"We can not stop making all technological changes like blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics part of our culture today, we can not afford to be just consumers of technological services, products and knowledge elsewhere and then we just buy and import it, it has to become part of our culture, our knowledge and our competence. "

Original article in German: 

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