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Welcome to my new Google Blog!

My name is Michael Thomale and in this first article I would like to introduce myself.

I´m an independent entrepreneur in the financial sector since 1990 and I´ve played a key role in the first IPO of a financial company in the Old Economy at the age of less than 30. I´m experienced in the M & A (Mergers & Acquisitions) business and especially in sales, which I started at that time.

Over the years, I have advised many companies in the old economy on the step to the stock exchange and am active in the business areas consulting, training, shareholding and corporate management & structuring, with a specialization in ICO's and IPO's.

I have already established companies in Asia, North America, and Europe, creating an international network from Asia to Europe.

Over the past few years, I am busy with the topics blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market. This made me a crypto-currency enthusiast and I recognized the many benefits that this innovative growing blockchain industry has to offer for the economy.

With our international network, we are helping & consulting companies from the old economy to scale up in the new economy market and to use the blockchain technology for themselves. We are showing ways and systems that hardly anyone else knows to the companies and it creates a win-win situation.

On this blog I would like to inform you about news from the blockchain technology and crypto market regularly.

Stay tuned about many interesting contributions!

Best Regards

Michael Thomale

Michael Thomale


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