Why it´s the right time to start with cryptocurrencies now?

Hello dear readers,

today I would like to share a few of my thoughts, why I am firmly convinced that the right time to get started in the crypto market is now:

Short-term slumps on the cryptographic markets, as we currently see them, do not offend the foundations of Yale Harvard. Because they think long term.

On the contrary, the upswing that follows now becomes even stronger.

I am sure that Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies will surpass your previous gains by far soon. Even the highs of December 2017 could be history soon! ️

Instead, I see excellent opportunities for a new start in the current courses.

But what makes me so sure in terms of profit potential ❓

The reason for this is a very specific announcement, which will drive the prices of certain crypto currencies in the coming weeks strong.

Because …

... the first physically covered crypto fund is about to start! ️

But what does that mean in concrete terms❓

The importance of this new fund is very clear when we look at the gold market. More precisely ...

The parallel to the gold market in March 2003.

You may ask yourself now: What happened then ❓

I can say: something decisive!

Namely, exactly what is happening with the cryptocurrencies:

In March 2003, the first physically covered gold ETF was approved.

Gold price at the time: 360 US dollars.

This development was a major reason for the boom of yellow precious metal in the years thereafter. By 2010, gold prices have climbed almost uninterrupted to over $ 1,400.

The reason❓

Finally, gold was just as easily traded for the average investor as ordinary stocks and funds. Away from that were the worries about having to keep the gold somewhere - or even to bury it.

The consequence❓

A massive flood of capital, which has practically pulled the gold out of dealers' hands at ever higher prices

A similar development will come from the upcoming approval of physically covered Bitcoin ETFs:

These ETFs will make crypto-currencies available to millions of investors for the first time! ️

The highest winnings will only pick up those who act today and position themselves correctly! ️

Do not be fooled by the current corrections, but take advantage of this incredibly cheap entry opportunity.

So you have the best conditions to belong to the real winners in the future.

Recall the Amazon chart once again. Investors who believed in the stock and therefore in the new technology have not been deterred by interim losses.

On the contrary, investors who have been there from the beginning are now enjoying a handsome 79.372 percent gain! ️

Forward-looking investors are already positioning themselves. You can see that very clearly:

Sales in the cryptocurrency markets were not only stable in recent weeks, but comparatively high. A very positive signal!

This is recognizable easily by a look at the crypto fear and greed index (Fear & Greed):

As you can see for yourself, the tendency is fasting towards "greed". The index stood at 48 points. No sign of anxious investors.

Although a month ago, the index was still in the bright red area at a value of 19. This corresponds to an extremely anxious mood.

Such market phases are completely normal on the crypto market and do not annoy experienced investors.😉

Because we are talking about a daily trading volume of $ 9 to 16 billion! ️

Even after the current Bitcoin correction, sentiment will improve abruptly with the impending introduction of physically backed crypto funds.

Now greed comes into play. And thus again chances of extreme price jumps upwards

This article is not a purchase recommendation and only the opinion of the author. The author owns some cryptocurrencies by himself.

Greetings and hear you in my next article.

Michael Thomale


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